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Diversified funding

SQF delivers the design for a capital structure that fits your cash flows

Basis of other considerations is, as a rule, a cost-benefit analysis concerning the advantageousnes of the implementing of the new funding ways. The analysis encloses among other things

  • maturity of the tranches
  • collateralisation
  • investor relationship subject to the existing exposure and the required funding
  • servicing the tranches of funding from existing and expected cash flows
  • rollover estimation
  • expenditures subject to the implementation of the new funding structure

The capital structure analysis provides a deeper insight about optimization approaches:

  • of the overall funding
  • liquidity steering
  • enhance the firm value


SQF provides you with the financial product design to realize your financial goals

After we have got an overview, we implement the financing solution fitting to your needs. In the area of the structured financing

  • securitization of receivables
  • securitization of leasing receivables
  • asset based lending


SQF delivers to you the suitable and with your stakeholders co-ordinated financing solution

Wie offer advicesubject to tailor made mezzanine capital

  • participation rights
  • silent partnerships
  • perpetual bonds

To support you with necessary professional discussions with specialists we maintain good relations with investors, on financing transactions specified lawyer’s offices, auditors and rating agencies. The following subjects have regularly a relevance

  • taxational aspects (für Emittenten
  • accounting topics
  • contractual framework
  • subordination agreements
  • covenants (performance trigger)
  • pricing aspects
  • rating
  • investor relations