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Interim Management

SQF offers you new ways in financing your enterprise

The implementing of alternative financing forms, like Factoring or an ABS financing, in your enterprise need intensive preparations.

The implications are far-reaching and concern among others

  • juridical problem formulations, like the legal validity of demands
  • credit risk measurement, such as the creditworthiness of the customer
  • accounting topics, such as the cancellation of receivables according to HGB and IAS
  • tax issues, such as the application of the interest barrier
  • organizational questions: who is responsible and in which way the processes are steered and illustrated >

These questions and her mutual interaction should be lighted up before the implementing in your enterprise (among other things from the point of view of capital structure management and the liquidity planning).

SQF analyses the advantageousness of a financing conversion for you and moves this, with positive result, in your enterprise as an interim manager.

Your advantage: The analysis of an independent experienced financing specialist brings all subjects of relevance to the discussion and avoids a non-advantageous implementation.

If the analysis comes to a positive result, SQF can implement the financing alternative with your employees on account of the closeness to your company and SQF’s good interlink in the market.

Your advantage: After the end of the operation the ways separate again and SQF remains your contact as an adviser for any furthermore appearing questions.