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The commercial model of SQF based, beside the expert’s assessment of Dr. Joachim Schneegans, on the cooperation with for the demands of our customers optimally qualified cooperation partners.

INSEC Partnergesellschaft

  • Distribution of fonds and insurance products
  • ADIG / Nürnberger Versicherungen, Fleming, Fidelity

IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG

  • Valuation of fixed income securities in capital markets
  • Portfolio arrangement for the PROMISE 2000-1 CLO transaction
  • Illustration of the relevant cash flows for the Promise 2000-1 CLO transaction

Hamburgische Landesbank

  • Establishment of a securitization desk in capital markets
  • Asset classes Shipping, Aviation, Corporates, Leasing

HSH Nordbank AG

  • Management of the portfolio securitization PRIME 2006 and the accompanying mazzanine capital program SmartMezzanine
  • Negotiations guidance of the cooperation with HASPA and LBBW
  • Reports to the responsible boards of directors
  • Communication in the market and in conferences
  • etc…

SQF Analytic Solutions GmbH

  • Consultation of the portfolio management corporates of a state bank in Basel II and product development subjects for corporate clients
  • Consultation major bank on subjects of refinancing and assessment topics of a loan portfolio
  • Consultation of a state bank on subjects of prolongation of a seasoned LBO
  • Consultation of an insurance subsidiary concerning a new commercial model
  • Consultation of leasing companies to the construction of a structured financing alternative (cooperation with Corporate Finance house and lawyer’s firm)
  • Consultation of a a subsidiary of a European major bank subject to the a structured financing transaction
  • Development of an efficient private debt concept subject to the off balance financing of debt Instruments (cooperation with Switzerland based financial servives companyr)